The world is evolving, so should your door control!

Our founding team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, with over 20 years of experience in the security and biometric industry. We found that physical access control has seen little innovation over the past few decades. We estimated that around 90% of existing access control systems are using aging or inefficient technology. Traditional RFID Card & Key Fob credentials are not secure, cumbersome to manage & replace. Systems are expensive to implement and replace, and adding new modern technology to existing infrastructure has been proven difficult, if not impossible.

We decided to make a change, so we went to the drawing board, worked countless hours, and designed a first of it’s kind multi-function door reader, and a modern, easy to use cloud-based software, powered by Access Intelligence, packed with all the bells and whistles imaginable.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable Cloud Access Control Solution. Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of Access Control with 3D Face Verification+ Liveness Detection, Mobile Credentials, Encrypted Cards & FOBs, Camera with AI, Motion & Sound Detection, Built-in Relay & GPIO’s, & Video Intercom.