Our Manufacture’s

Our Manufacture’s

About The Company

SVC Marketing, Inc. was founded with the purpose of providing leading edge manufacturers with an experienced rep firm within the Midwestern Continental U.S.’s. SVC Marketing has been representing manufacturers in the territories of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western PA, West Virginia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Our Sales Team is comprised of veteran industry sales reps drawing on more than 25 years experience as system sales and design specialists across multiple industry disciplines ranging from Data, CCTV/Security, Sound, and Telecommunications. Our sales team has become critical players in meeting the growing security needs of our territory dealers and end users. Within all of our sales channels, we always provide direct contact support to our dealers and end users for training, demonstrations, product specification, pricing, design support, negotiations, and any required follow-ups.

Our Sales Team addresses all manufacturer target markets for the highest sales benefit for each of our represented manufactured products. Some targeted markets are local dealers and distribution branch offices as well as vertical markets like retail, corrections facilities, financial institutions, airports, gaming casinos, government buildings, offices, apartments, etc.

Our SVC Philosophy

Providing integrated proactive security system solutions for today’s growing security concerns.

Maintaining localized territories for the best possible support in order to provide expedient services to our Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors, National Account Offices, A&E Firms and End Users.

Maintaining a product line card that is not overpopulated which allows us to focus on compatible products that support productive partnerships with our manufacturers.

“This commitment to our fundamental beliefs has allowed us to build our reputation over the last 25 years”, says Steve Gloyeske, President, SVC Marketing Inc.