i-PRO Americas Inc.

i-PRO Americas Inc.

A New Name and a New Promise…

On April 1, 2022, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corp. of America will change our name to i-PRO Americas Inc. Since our establishment in 2019, we have worked to improve our business and service to our partners and end users. We still have the same high-quality Panasonic products and innovative solutions for security, public safety and medical imaging. Only now, we are more nimble and quick to respond to your needs and the ever-changing market, and we are continuing to make improvements so that i-PRO is easy to do business with. As part of the final phase, with our full independence and name change, we are making new commitments to you. Our new i-PROmise campaign highlights our focus and will lead us in our path forward. We commit to capture, create, nurture, and be… we introduce The i-PRO Promise!

That’s the Power of Truth.

Website: https://i-pro.com/ 
Surveillance: https://surveillance.i-pro.com/
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Warranty: https://surveillance.i-pro.com/warranty/

Technical Support, Sales and Support or to Obtain Service (713) 621-9779 or (800) 513-5417 during M–F 7am-7pm CST

Technical Support for Cameras (800) 513-5417 during M–F 7am-7pm CST, then Press #3 Support, then Press #1 Cameras, then Press #1 Panasonic Cameras

After Hours (877) 743-2403