SALTO’s New Digital Pricebook

SALTO’s New Digital Pricebook

We are pleased to announce that you now have access to a Digital Pricebook in the SALTO Partner Area.

Our goal with the Digital Pricebook is to eventually streamline Bill of Material creation, reduce pricing and part number errors, and improve your experience and make it easier to place orders with SALTO. 

In order to deliver this, we will roll out the Pricebook in Phases.

The current tool is a Phase 1 launch – visibility. This will enable you to experience the platform and provide us with feedback for future phases.  We encourage and appreciate any and all feedback you can provide to your RSM. Future phases will include options like integration with the MyLock Configurator, BOM creation, download & print options and much more.

Once you enter the page, you’ll see a link to a video demo on the main page showing the platform functionalities, as well as a Quick Guide to help you understand how to use it.  

The PDFs you have always used will remain posted, but will no longer be updated. All price and product updates will be exclusively maintained in the Digital Pricebook Platform.